Kitchen Worktop & Counter Design Ideas in Dartmouth & South Devon

Follow the picture links below to help you select the right work surface for you. Download our solid surfaces information PDF for a summary.

Solid Wood Kitchen Worktop
Solid Wood
Granites Glossy Kitchen Worktop
Laminates White Kitchen Worktop
Composite Gloss White Worktop
Composite Materials
Corian Kitchen Worktop Island Red and White
Corian Solid Surfaces
Solid Surface PDF File
Solid Surfaces PDF

Choosing the right kitchen counter

In any new kitchen, a key design feature you will need to consider is your work surfaces. Choosing the right material can be a daunting task and it's not always clear which is the most suitable choice. With all of our design and installation projects we arrange a consultation to make sure that your counter top compliments the rest of your kitchen. We also advise that you come visit our Dartmouth Showroom to see the types of work surfaces and counters on display.

The primary purpose of a kitchen worktop is to provide a hygienic and durable surface upon which to prepare food. Nowadays however, home owners often use their kitchens as informal dining areas, and seek surfaces that are attractive as well as practical. Here are some of the more popular surfaces and the advantages of these materials.

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