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The kitchen can be one of the most frequented and used rooms in a home. For some families, at least three or more meals are being made in this area every day. Not to mention cleaning up and returning things to the cabinets. Dishes, utensils, cookware, and everything in between is being taken out and put away on a constant basis. With so much use, your cabinets can be noisy and be exposed to a lot of hard use. This is where soft-close drawers can benefit you.

How does a soft-closing drawer work?

Soft-closing drawers come with a specific mechanism, such as a hydraulic cylinder built in. This mechanism can be added to, or is part of, the glides of the cabinet drawer. They are commonly referred to as anti-slam buffers, as that is really their function. They engage the drawer and stop it just prior to its closing and gently close it the remainder of the way. Soft-closing drawers have become increasingly popular in homes over the last several years. They can be added to already existing kitchens, or as built-ins for new home structures.

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